Matt Kolonia

Digital Fabrication

Prof. Meiser


            Immediate Response:

Richard Dupont created a human figure using 3D technologies but chose to distort its features. Obviously, the first intriguing aspect of the piece of art is the distortion. It makes the observer feel uneasy and makes the piece feal fake. The next big feature is the nudity, which contributes to the sensation of unease for the observer. This piece personally reminds me of anxiety. I believe it is representative of the uneasy feeling of anxiety and how vulnerable a person can feel. The water-like ripples on the body can represent the feeling of unrest that a person may feel on a boat.

            Objective Description:

            This piece of art is a representation of a human figure, but the body is not like the bodies we are used to seeing. This body is distorted in a ripple effect and provides a feeling of unease to the observer. The figure is a naked male, standing upright, and seems to be walking slowly forward. The man is white, bald, seems to be of average height, and lacks fine details.

            Technical Decisions:

            The piece of art was constructed using artistic technologies such as CAD and 3D scanning. It was then hand crafted with hours of sanding and manual labor. The choice of combining both technology and handwork into the piece shows that Dupont wanted to represent the affects of technology and our bodies in his art. The distortion of the body may represent an out of body experience, like that when people use technology in our current world. The walking aspect is a human feature, but this figure is clearly not entirely human. This may represent our abilities to live our lives both physically and through a virtual world.

            The Work in the World:

            With the two connections between people and technology and people and anxiety I believe this contributes to the evolution of humans through time. We have allowed ourselves to wither away throughout the years by using technology as a crutch. The rapid increase in depression, anxiety, and other mental problems could be stimming from our lack of living in the moment, in the real world.

            The Story it Tells:

            This piece of art has a few different meanings, but I believe the biggest part is its representation of the human psyche. It shows the struggle of man and the inability for a person to shake the feeling of fear, guilt, loneliness, and helplessness. There is a version like this man inside all of us that we keep hidden from the world. Our anxiety can control us and make us feel scared, but we struggle so much to let others help us and see what is underneath. I believe Dupont wants us to be aware of our direction as a human race if we do not help each other heal and grow. He wants us to live in the moment and appreciate what and who is around us in the real world. As this man walks forward, his body and mind degrade, hence the name of the piece, one direction.