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Combatting loneliness by wearing the perfect conversation starter.



Going to be turned into a purse


Step 1:

Five dangers to protect yourself from:

  • Gunfire
  • Burning buildings
  • Toxic gases
  • Depressing thoughts
  • Wild animals

Five ways to extend human capabilities:

  • Bird wings (capable of flight)
  • Invisibility cloak
  • Air mask for deepwater diving
  • Metal arm sleeves (increase strength)
  • Soundproof headgear

The main idea that I am going to focus on for the wearable art project is to create wearable bird wings designed to human scale that would make human beings capable of flying in the air. I chose to create this design because I believe that many people have fanaticized about having the ability to fly, and I would like to design an artwork based on what the ideal clothing item would look like as I know it can be a popular item. This clothing item is not designed to actually give humans the ability to fly; it is simply a representation of what the clothing item would look like integrated with bird wings. The main purpose why I chose to pursue giving humans the ability to fly is because the clothing item would represent freedom. The laws of physics and gravity would not be able to limit the ideas that stem from human imagination. I also see this clothing item as a metaphor supporting the people who live their lives today with limited freedom due to their status and social position in society.

10 items associated with the purpose of the project:

  • Bird wings
  • Freedom
  • Jetpack
  • Parachutes
  • Christmas Reindeer
  • Planes
  • Witches Broomstick
  • Balloons
  • Paper airplane
  • Hang gliders

I’d like to protect myself from:

Men/stranger danger/ predators

Nuclear war

Broken bones

Spinal deformation/ back support


Ways I can extend my bodies capabilities:

Become stronger

keep body mobility intact

Become untouchable when desired

Provide cushioning and protection for body parts

Become more agile

I’ve decided to extend the capability by making myself stronger with the help of brass knuckles. These aren’t your ordinary brass knuckles, but rather decorative hand jewelry that can pass as everyday rings. I want it to be deceiving and inviting to those who are not a threat, and in the event of someone trying to harm me when I am alone, say walking at night alone, I can defend myself better in the event of an attack. BUT I also really like the idea of having a high fashion posture corrector. It would look either like vines or maybe even a snake wrapped around the waist, shoulders, and back to maintain posture and support it in a comfortable way. I want to do this because I often lack the mindfulness to have good posture and I feel that it can change people’s quality of life. 

10 Tangible people/places/things:


rounded shoulders/lordosis

muscle tears




gold chunky jewelry



self defense


Throughout my life I come into several reoccurring dangers in the form of: almost injuring myself at the hands of a bicycle accident, freezing my hands off while riding a bike when I forget gloves, hurdling steeplechase barriers, eating dangerous cafeteria food, and endangering myself by getting lost in random areas. The answer to some of these problems could put themselves in the category of wearable objects including: something to keep my hands warm, a suit to protect me from bike accidents, some type of bounce shoe to get me over the barriers, a helmet with a food tube, or a helmet with a built in heads up display to guide me home.

The meshing of all of these ideas present a clear solution to almost each issue: a suit of armor capable of flying, feeding me, and protecting me. I am choosing this route to engage creatively in a world that I am passionate about. Sci-Fi and genres directly related are things I don’t often get to explore despite my intense interest in them. The armor I create will have a rocket element, most likely in the shoes, to propel me in a controlled way into the air. The helmet associated with the suit will provide a heads up display to allow me to navigate and check readings of my food levels, temperature, and location. The breast plate will protect all of the essential organs from direct impacts and the gloves will both protect my hands and keep them warm.

Some tangible things related to this project include: clone trooper armor, cad bane rocket boots, spartan chest plate, iron man heads up display, winter gloves, a bicycle, a steeplechase barrier, the earth, a modern jetpack, and a master chief helmet.


Metaphorms 3D prints with fake trash in dumpster