With this new state-of-the-art device utilizing parachute technology, with the pull of a string, you will always be protected from an embarrassing public accident. If you ever feel the bowels moving and you can’t find a bathroom nearby, the Insta-potty’s got you covered.


The plague mask never successfully printed in the two times I printed, but the effect of this work is still just as impactful especially with the inscription text made by sculpting tools in Meshmixer on the scroll “Covid 19 2020-2021”.

The Cochlear implant was to be printed separately and placed in between the wings of flames, but in the several attempts of printing the implant, it did not work successfully. However, the meaning of burning through the chains of shame I think still resonates very strongly in this work.


My mom would frequently ask me to go get my brother or dad and tell them it was dinner time. I would proceed by turning 180 degrees and yelling across the house. “C’mon Cooper, I could have done that,” she’d say with a displeased expression. This Dutch-oven-lid-hat can be worn with a Bluetooth ear-piece to remotely signal your friends and family when it’s time to eat. It also doubles as a contraption so you never have to eat alone. Dutch-oven-lid-hat comes in all colors and sizes.





This is my Bucknell Super belt, all the essentials for a Bucknellian going into a Super saturday to be as prepared as possible.


I used a variety of environments and lighting for my renders to show my wearable art in a more realistic deep sea setting, to show the glow of the UV LED component, and also in brighter settings to better visualize the details of each component.



this is the progress on my prototype to creating a wearable communication device designed to holla at your friends and family to come eat. my mom used to hate it when she would to ask me to go tell my brother and dad it was dinner time, and I would just yell from the kitchen…this is the solution.


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