Explanation: This piece serves many purposes. The large cylinder on the front, which is connected to the glass screen doubles as both an air filter, meant to filter air as the wearer inhales. It also serves to provide oxygenated air to the wearer when they go into the water. Ultimately this device allows the wearer to breathe clean fresh air regardless of their environment, being polluted air, even under water. The second part of this piece also serves many purposes, like the air filter. The screen has the ability to display an image, similar to the way an iPhone or television displays images, but it is waterproof like the rest of this device. Aside from being a monitor right in from of your face, allowing you to access any information at any time, this device also had motion sensitivity. This gives the wearer clear and concise knowledge about the environment, detecting threats, dangerous weapons, etc. in my opinion, this device is just about as futuristic as I can imagine something to be, serving to help the wearer detect threats, be able to breath clean air in any environment, including heavily polluted air and even underwater.