Optional wheels to avoid knee scrapes
Jet power!
Mobility, so you can always be prepared

Be ready to face any tornado, by spinning the opposite direction of it at equal speeds, cancelling out the tornado-y effects

In action

(If the above video doesn’t work, try here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aB_WYnsmB-L0TaLElnqxZVjfK7KO0klm/view?usp=sharing)

I’m working through some difficulties with Keyshot; in the meantime, here’s an animation showing what my wearable tech would look like in action
(Will make another attempt using more pictures later)
Added base with small support podium in center
Cropped and obscured screenshot demonstrating the complete lack of distortion to the right side of the crab

Distortion was initially accomplished using a cage edit in conjunction with other tools, however due to crashing problems the cage edit was swapped with a lattice distortion in Blender 2.8, which is near identical to the cage edit function in Rhino, while fine tuning, solidifying, and other tweaks were accomplished in Meshmixer

Model after initial deformation work, note that front claws are now very similar in size
(Original model before deformation)
To do (for tire):
-Improve shape of treads
-Add grooves to treads
-Stamp Goodyear logo on treads
-Stamp Mitsubishi logo on centre of hub
-Add lug-nuts

Process for Laser Project

Custom Designed Tank merged with downloaded dolphin and hat
The treads were separated and re-oriented for maximum strength, the turret was separated in order to accommodate the design feature which allows it to rotate freely while still being locked into the body of the tank. The pieces on the left are for the facade, but were not captured by slicer and had to be redrawn by hand in Corel
The turret mechanism part 1: the first three layers pictured above are placed into a slightly larger hole at the top of the tank body.
The turret mechanism part 2: the ring on top is placed after the first three layers of the turret, preventing the turret from being lifted out afterwards
The final Slicer product, note that the facade items were not processed
Finished product demonstrating the rotational capabilities of the turret
The improvements made by the facade items are clearly seen from the front, compared to how the bare Slicer file looked
Close-up of the additional fuel canister, something no cowboy-hat-wearing dolphin would leave the house without!
Close-up of the treads, demonstrating the structural and aesthetic advantage of slicing them vertically. Note that the turret is facing forward in this photo.
High Noon (Slicer file coming soon)
Adaptive Cruise
Room in the Elephant
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and it’s ḫ̶̨̧͓̭́̚̕͜͝ͅư̴͈̣̤̺̦̫̣͈̻͊͂͆̃͠n̶͉̻̏̊͐̋͂̿̾̔̎͋͘͘͠͠ǧ̵̯̖͓̋͌̏̊̏͒̏͂̐́̋̽̒͜͠r̶̭͂y̴̥͇͎̳̝̹̦̠͎̯̫̲͇͌́͗̍͐̏͋͠͝
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